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Playing with Netlotto is Easy

No need to go for a drive, you can put your entry in right here online.
You can get you entry in as late as 45 minutes before the draw.
We automatically check your numbers and send you the results.
Winnings are automatically credited to your account. They can be transferred to your bank account at the click of a button. **

How do I join

Simple click the Join button at the top of the page and fill in your details, it’s that simple. We will process your details, create your account and email you your activation code. Once you activate your account you are ready to play.

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What can I Expect as a Member

  1. Netlotto is a registered licenced online agent, that is focused on giving you the best service possible.
  2. We will look after your games for you.
  3. We will send you a statement showing you how your games did, it will show you the matching winning numbers on every game you played.
  4. Access to Syndicates, that allow you to play larger systems and number of games.
  5. You can be absolutely certain that Netlotto will keep your details private and confidential.

Trust Netlotto

Netlotto is a registered Australian company, which adheres to best business practice, Security protocols and lottery agent licencing procedures.
You transactions will be conducted on secure connection.
Your details will not be passed onto anyone else.
Your winnings will be kept confidential.

Tatts Accredited Godaddy Verified & Secured All Transaction are protected by 128 bit encrypted SSL.
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