Lotto Superdraws


Big Jackpots, Big Payouts, Big Fun !!

Played regularly through out the year, the Saturday lotto Superdraw's have become one of Netlotto’s favourite lottery games.

With lotto Jackpots ranging between $20-$30 Million Dollars, you can see why our customers love to play these exciting draws.

The draws take place on a selected Saturday Tattslotto draw, and each superdraw is connected to the Australian lotto bloc so whether your playing Tattslotto in Victoria, X Lotto in south Australia or Saturday Lotto in NSW or WA, its all connected making the Superdraw prize pool even bigger.

Netlotto has all your Superdraw Jackpots covered with Online Lotto Tickets, Lotto Syndicates ,System Games and instant Lotto Results, Dividends and your winnings sent to you straight after every draw. Not a Netlotto member? Register an account here.

Upcoming Lotto Superdraws

The following upcoming Superdraw’s are now locked in.
Please see below for details and to click through to the play page for all Lotto Ticket sales in these Super Jackpots.

Tattslotto $21 Million Superdraw - Saturday 12th May 2018

Saturday TattsLotto - Superdraw

Draw Details

Draw Date: May 12, 2018 08:30 PM

Draw Number: Saturday TattsLotto - 3841

Ticket Sales Close: 07:15 PM

Tattslotto SuperDraw - $21 Million


Jump into Australia's favourite Lotto, and with Tattslotto $21 Million Superdraw it's the perfect way to win big.

With the best chances of any lottery in the world, this is your chance to be Australia's next lotto millionaire - 21 times over.

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Superdraw Saturday TattsLotto 21 Millions
$ 21
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