PayPal Now Available to Play
your Favourite Lotteries Online

Why PayPal?
PayPal is safer, flexible, convenient and most importantly protected.
Online Lotto Transactions
Pay for Your Online Lotto transactions
using one of the Worlds safest payment

Does your bank-issued credit card have a
gambling block? Use your Paypal Wallet to
purchase or deposit for all your favourite
lottery games.
Reduce unwanted Fees
Reduce unwanted bank fees and charges
when you use ypur PayPal Wallet.
PayPal is Safe
Not knowing whether your credit card or
bank details is secure, is something you
don't have to worry about with anymore.

PayPal keeps your financial information
secure and encrypted, so you can pay
online with confidence
Netlotto no longer stores your card or
account details, using PayPal highly secure
tokenization system, meaning your
transactions are now even safer.
PayPal is Flexible
PayPal allows you to link all your cards and
bank accounts and to choose which one to
use at checkout
You can pay by credit card, debit card,
straight from your PayPal linked bank
account or your PayPal Wallet. When using
your PayPal Wallet, you avoid any bank
charges or fees and thar's a good thing!
Quick & Simple
Quick and simple to use.
Get your PayPal account ready today!
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