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Netlotto has provided it's members a great new way to enjoy their favourite lotteries, by allowing them to form into clubs, and enjoy the benefits of playing together.

Syndicate Clubs can also play more games than a normal player by sharing the cost accross the club members, more games = more chances to win.

why not Start your own Club - it's easy to do and a fun way to play with family, friends or workmates.

Create your own Syndicates
  • Make your own lottery syndicate.

  • Choose from any Australian lotteries.

  • Full Systems, Solo and Special Game Types available.

Play with Family, Friends or Workmates
  • Invite your members to your club.

  • Play a work syndicate.

  • Options for manager or member payments.

Winnings Paid Instantly
  • Instant winnings after each draw

  • Paid directly to your syndicate club members.

  • No lost tickets or missed lotto draws.

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Create a Club today

It's easy, fun and a great way to play your favourite lotto

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