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Abbreviated Smart Systems

How does it work ?

Abbreviated Smart Systems are a great way to play your favourite lotto, also know as “abbreviated lottery wheels”, an Abbreviated System or wheel is an economical alternative for a normal system game.

They are a great way to try a different way to play and win lotto. Although it won't include all possible combinations of the chosen numbers, it will guarantee at least one winning ticket if a certain amount of numbers drawn fall within the wheeled number set.

A number of combinations in Abbreviated system wheel are significantly reduced compared to the full system wheel. For example, abbreviated system wheel for 8 numbers will only require 7 combinations. If 4 of the 6 winning numbers are among the 8 numbers player wheels, he will have at least one successful combination matching 4 winning numbers.

Netlotto has developed a number matrix to remove repetitive games and increases the spread of numbers available to be played, why not try one now.

We Currently have 3 Smart system varieties on offer:

15 numbers played across 10 standard games

19 numbers played across 30 standard games

23 number in 80 standard games

These systems are available on the following lottery's

Play Tuesday-Super7-OzLotto games Play Saturday-TattsLotto games
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