Auto Play

Auto Play is the ability to setup Lottery games for a defined period and have the system execute the purchase of the tickets automatically prior to the draw. This allows customers to never miss out on their favourite lottery games.
Auto Play can be set for up to 12 months, and is automatically deducted from the customer account.

Australian Lottery

Australia has some of the easiest lotteries in the world to win. Lottery operators are licensed at a state or territory level, and include both state government-owned and private sector companies such as Netlotto Pty Ltd.


Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world, many people use astrology sources as a guide to selecting their lottery numbers.


Bloc, Australian Lotto

Each state has a local lotto brand, but the tickets, prizes and results are the same across Australia.
Major lotteries grouped into the “Australian Lotto Bloc” are X lotto, Ozlotto, Super 66, Lotto, Tattslotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto For more information visit the lotto bloc page.


Netlotto operates and maintains the very popular blog site. The blog provides real time lottery results and information about Tattslotto, Powerball, Ozlotto and all of the other great lottery products for purchase online at

Bonus Number

See supplementary number



a CVC or CVV stands for Credit card Validation Value and is a 3 digit code on the back of your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Where the 3 digit CVV is not shown on its own, it is normally the last 3 digit group of numbers on the back of your credit card. It is used as an additional protection for credit card customers.


The Customer is a registered and active member of Netlotto.



The Lottery Draw is the official draw that take place by the authorised government representative. There is currently a draw per day, with 2 draws on Saturday. Please check the Play Lotto page to see which draws occur on what days.

Draw Number

Each Lottery has a unique and sequential lottery draw number. This is always clearly displayed on the lottery page of each individual lottery, customers can also search NetLotto for results by draw number. An example format would be Tattslotto Draw 3177.


For Every Lotto game, there are several levels of Prizes or Dividends. Each level is called a Division. The more matched numbers in any one game line or system line, the greater the dividend. Netlotto has provided the division information for each lottery on the how to play pages for each unique lottery.


Euro Millions

EuroMillions is Europe's biggest rolling jackpot lottery game. The EuroMillions draws usually take place in Paris. There are two GIANT EuroMillions jackpots every week.


Friday Lotto

EuroMillions Friday Jackpot is the only lottery Netlotto has the Plays on a Friday.



Game referees to the individual line of a lottery ticket, it will comprise of 6 numbers in most standard Australian games, but my include more is a system ticket has been purchased. The minimum number of games that can be purchased on a ticket is 10 games. You match each game with the drawn numbers from the lottery. In many instances you will find you have multiple winning games on the 1 ticket.

Group Play

Group play is often referred to as Syndicates.



What you be when you win the Lottery first prize playing with Netlotto!


International Lotteries

Netlotto currently has two EuroMillions draws and the UK National Lottery. Netlotto has access to the Spanish El Gordo Lottery, and plans to introduce that in 2012.



Jackpot is when the lottery 1st Division Prize is not won. The lottery then “jackpots” and the following draw is larger as the prevision unclaimed prize money is added to the next draw. Netlotto has seen some large jackpots of 20 & 30 Million dollars accumulate on its lotteries. Netlotto also provides a Jackpot Alert Service, so you can be notified when lotteries start to grow in prize money.



Keno is an Australian Lottery style game, it has 80 numbers of which 20 are drawn. Keno Online is not currently available at Netlotto.



This is the individual lottery on offer, Netlotto has Tattslotto, Powerball, Ozlotto , Soccer Pools

Lotto ticket

The lotto ticket or lottery ticket, is the purchased item for playing the lottery. It may comprise of multiple solo games or 1 or more system games. Syndicate shares may also refer to the ticket.

Lotto draw

The draw is conducted by the official government agency, after the draw Netlotto publishes the results of the lotto draw, and notifies customers of their individual results and winnings.


Mega draw or Megadraw

The Mega draw is normally the largest lottery draw in Australian Lottery for the year. Traditionally draw and the end of the year, such as new year’s eve mega draw. Ticket sales are also the largest for the year. Tattslotto Saturday draw 3177 was selected for the December 31, 2011 new year’s eve mega draw.

Monday TattsLotto

The Tattslotto draw for the Monday games. More information about Monday Tattslotto can be found here.



Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a count or measurement and life. Numerology also has specific country variations such as Indian Numerology and Chinese Numerology. Many successful lottery players have used numerological systems to assist with lottery number selection.



Ozlotto is the 2nd biggest lottery in Australia, but several large jackpots have seen it rival the Saturday Tattslotto. Ozlotto is one of the world’s best lotteries to play, as it uses a 7 numbers drawn for 45, making it’s odds very attractive. Ozlotto is also referred to as Tuesday Super 7 Ozlotto.

Online Lottery

The facility to purchase tickets for lotteries online.



Australian Powerball. In this, there are thirty five balls numbered 1 to 35 from which seven winning numbers are randomly selected. An eighth ball, the "Powerball", is then drawn from a separate machine containing another twenty balls numbered 1 to 20.


Play is the act of playing in a lottery game.


Pools is the term commonly referred to for the Australian soccer Pools. The Pools is a '6 from 38' lottery game where the winning numbers are based on results of soccer matches played in Europe, Australia and around the world instead of numbered balls being drawn from a barrel.


Quick Pick

Quickpick is a service offered by NetLotto to assist customers in randomly selecting numbers on their lotto games. Customers can also select some of their own favourite lotto numbers, and let Quickpick produce the rest.



Results are the Lottery Draw Results for a specific lotto, results are published immediately after a draw, but divisions and dividend results may take up to 2 hours for the draw organisers to calculate and publish. Netlotto has an automated results service that customers can sign up to receive lotto results via email or sms.


Customers must first register with Netlotto prior to playing in the lottery of their choice, registration is an important step, it helps know where to send the winnings !!. Registration with Netlotto also help keeps our customers safe and secure, as well as helping us with mandatory licencing rules , and government requirements.

Responsible Gambling

Netlotto has strict rules in place to allow customers to enjoy all the benefits and excitement of playing Australian Lotto, but it also practises a healthy and safe environment and promotes responsible gambling online. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.



A System entry allows you to choose up to 20 numbers in a single game panel. Playing a Systems game is like playing in lots of standard games. A standard game panel in TattsLotto is 6 numbers. So when you choose more than 6 numbers in a panel, you get many combinations of 6 numbers which can be made from the numbers you choose. The table below shows you how many equivalent games each system entry gives you.


This is the normal game type for lottery, can also be referred to as standard or default, solo play differs from system or syndicate and more information can be found in the how to play sections of your lottery game choice.

Soccer Pools

Australian Soccer Pools or Pools.


Syndicate Entries are all about giving you the chance to win more because the more people who contribute to your Syndicate, the bigger System Entry you could play. (For example, if your Syndicate purchased a System 10 Entry and got 4 numbers right, you'd win fifteen times the Division 4 prize). So, for a Syndicate, where you can all share the cost of the entry, a System Entry is the ideal way to play any of your favourite lotto games

Saturday TattsLotto

Saturday Tattslotto is one of Australia’s most popular lotteries. Like Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the Saturday version also uses the 6/45 matrix with players selecting 6 numbers from a possible 45 with two supplementary numbers also in play after the main draw.


Superdraw’s are held through the year on selected lotteries

Supplementary Number

A supplementary number or bonus number is drawn after the 6 winning numbers. In the case of 6/45 Lotto, 2 supplementary numbers are drawn immediately after the first 6 winning numbers and in the case of 6/38 pools, 1 supplementary number is drawn immediately after the first 6 winning numbers. These numbers are used to determine prizes in Division 2 and Division 5. If one or more of your selected numbers match the drawn supplementary numbers, your chance of winning a prize increases.



Netlotto is an official licenced online retailer of Tattslotto.


The term used for the purchasing item for which your entry to the lottery games is secured by.

Terms and Conditions

Netlotto has a broad set of terms and conditions. We encourage every customer to read them.


UK National Lottery

The United Kingdom’s national lottery can be purchased online with NetLotto. The UK National Lottery is drawn on Saturdays and has large weekly jackpots.



How to play Videos are available for customer who what to see the fun of playing with Netlotto in action.


Wednesday TattsLotto

The Tattslotto draw for the Wednesday games. More information about Wednesday Tattslotto can be found here.



ok, we could think of a X word, but at Netlotto we put the X in excitement ! , with a lottery draw every day, some of the best and easiest to win lotteries in the world, no wonder Netlotto has the X-factor when it comes to playing lottery online.



You, the customer are very important to Netlotto. Our customers receive the very best service , have access to state of the art online customer service tools and personal attention when needed.


Zero Tolerance

Netlotto has a zero tolerance policy against misuse of its website, or visitors who are under age, or attempt to bypass the terms and conditions set out on the website.

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