Australia’s Saturday Lotto is played across the nation but even though it is played by all states, it has several different names, Gold Lotto in Queensland, Tattslotto in Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT (Australian Capital Territory)  the Northern Territory while it is known as Saturday Lotto in NSW, South Australia and Western Australia.

Running for almost forty years, the first draw took place in front of a live television audience in June 1972 and has continued on every Saturday night since. .  It is a traditional jackpot style draw game and is drawn every Saturday night.

Like Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the Saturday version also uses the 6/45 matrix with players selecting 6 numbers from a possible 45 with two supplementary numbers also in play after the main draw.

Up until the 29th of January 2011, there were only five prize divisions, but then a sixth division that allows for just one winning number and two supplementary was introduced allowing for more than twice the number of prizes every week.

There are also 6 special Saturday Lotto draws throughout the year called Superdraws (as their jackpots are very large) with one even larger draw at the end of the year called a Megadraw.

Prior to July 1985, they only used one supplementary number while between November 1995 and January 1997, they had double the fun with 2 draws, the second being a new selection of numbers minus the supplementary numbers.

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