Oz Lotto was launched to the Australian public in February 1994 and is still the most popular Australian lotto game in the country. It is a traditional jackpot style game and is drawn every Tuesday evening local time.

Using what is referred to as a 7/45 matrix ,players select 7 numbers from a possible 45, the introduction of the seventh number causing variations in regard to the name of the game across the country. It is referred to as Super 7’s Lotto in Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, Oz 7 Lotto in Queensland and simply Oz Lotto in the rest of the country.

After the 7 main numbers are drawn, 2 supplementary numbers are drawn, increasing the number of prize divisions to 7.

In October 2007 the game jackpotted to $30 Million, won by a single entry from Western Australia. This record was broken in April 2008 when 2 entries from NSW, won $47.98 Million. The next record jackpot came just months later with a jackpot of $50 Million, the largest jackpot offered in an Australian lottery.

However, they soon broke their own record once again when in June the following year the jackpot reached a whopping $106.5 Million and was shared between 2 winners, one from Queensland and one from South Australia.

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