The highly popular ‘Monday Lotto’ began back in 1979 and was originally known as NSW Lotto and only available in New South Wales. More than thirty years later and it is simply called “Lotto” and is available in all Australian states apart from Queensland.

In May 2006 it was introduced into Western Australia and South Australia from and two and half years later, October 2008, it was syndicated across Victoria, Australia’s capital Territory, Tasmania and the Northern Territory replacing Tattslotto on the same night.

It is widely popular mainly because of its low cost of entry, a typical jackpot style draw game with a division one prize that starts off at $1 million and rolls over weekly if not won.

Monday Lotto uses what’s known as a 6/45 matrix in which you select 6 numbers from a possible 45. After drawing the 6 main numbers, 2 supplementary numbers are drawn, increasing the number of paying divisions to 5.

The biggest jackpot won was in November 1996 when 3 entries shared a top prize of $15 Million.

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