How do I play Oz Lotto

Playing Oz Lotto is simple and fun. !!

Oz Lotto is based on 10 numbers drawn from 47 numbers, the last 3 numbers drawn are the “supplementary numbers”

To win first division you need to match the 7 numbers with 7 numbers from a single game line or system ticket.

The Oz Lotto is drawn at 8:30pm on every Thursday, our online lotto tickets service closes at 7:15pm to allow us to process the lottery tickets.

Where do I start ?

All you have to do is choose 7 individual numbers from 1 to 47 , you can view the game entry page here.

There are several ways to play Oz Lotto.

Solo Play

Solo play allows you to pick how many games you wish to play, the minimum is 10 and the maximum is 100.

You can let the “quick pick” computer generated numbers do all the hard work , keep pressing it until your happy with the combo of numbers , or add your numbers and let the quick pick fill in the un allocated numbers for you. Remember you can’t have the same number on any game line.

System Play

This option gives you more numbers and more entries to win multiple division prizes, see the systems entries page for more details.


Auto play allows you to set up your favourite powerball games and play them over a number of weeks and draws, this “set & forget” option sends you your game tickets and receipts automatically for each draw for the number of weeks you have selected to play. Great if you’re going away or you just want to try a set of numbers of a period of time.


Our online lottery syndicates are one of Netlotto’s most popular features. We have Oz Lotto syndicates regularly , and when the jackpot rises, we launch some creative and exiting syndicates to make it cheaper and easier to win your share of the Oz Lotto dividends. Keep an eye out for our “Jackpot Combos” where we will pair a Oz Lotto jackpot with another lottery jackpot , to create an even bigger prize pool for our customers to play in.

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