How Do I Play Powerball

What is Powerball?

Playing Powerball is easy!

This Australian favourite offers 9 great prize divisions, as well as huge jackpots. The lottery follows a 7/35 structure – seven numbers are drawn at random from a barrel of numbers labelled 1-35. Then, the eight number – the Powerball – is drawn from a second set of numbers, labelled from 1-20.

Great! Where do I start?

Netlotto makes playing Powerball online quick and easy!

As a player, all you need to do is select your seven individual numbers from 1 to 35, as well as one Powerball number from 1 to 20 – then sit back and wait, because you’re off and running.

You can play Powerball in different ways:

  • Solo Play:

    Solo play allows you to pick how many games you’d like to play as an individual, so you don’t have to share your luck! The minimum number of games for this play type is 10, and there is a maximum of 100.

    You can let the ‘Quickpick’ computer generated numbers do all the hard work if you like – simply keep pressing ‘Quickpick Row’ or ‘Quickpick All’ until you’re happy with your number combinations. If you’d like to use your own lucky numbers, just type them into the rows! Quickpick can fill in any blank spaces for you.

  • System Play:

    A great way to play for keen lottery players to cover more numbers with more entries, allowing the chance at multiple division prizes – with the new Powerball offering 9 prize divisions, systems offer an opportunity to win more than one prize!

    Netlotto also offers PowerHit systems, where that crucial last number, the Powerball, is guaranteed!

    For more information on the systems Netlotto offers for Powerball, please see the systems entries page.

  • Autoplay:

    If you’re more of a ‘set and forget’ lottery player – Netlotto’s got you covered. Our Autoplay feature allows you to set up your favourite Powerball games and play them over a number of weeks or draws.

    This option automatically sends you your game tickets and receipts for the draws you are entered in. Autoplay is a great play method if you’re going away and don’t want to miss your chance at millions, or if you’d just like to try a set of numbers across a period of time.

  • Syndicates:

    Our online lottery syndicates are one of Netlotto’s most popular features. We regularly offer Powerball syndicates - and when the jackpot rises, we launch creative and exciting syndicates to make it cheaper and easier to win your share of the dividends!

    Keep your eyes open for our ‘Jackpot Combos’, where we pair a Powerball jackpot with the jackpot of another popular Australian lottery, to create an even bigger prize pool for our customers to play in.

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