Powerball Syndicates

Netlotto always has syndicates on offer for the popular Powerball lottery, but when it’s jackpot time, we ramp it up! We create some massive syndicates that have won some serious prize money for our customers.

Powerball syndicates are a great way to get involved in larger games, which are generally played as system entries and hold around 5-10 shares per syndicate.

As the Powerball jackpots rise to larger and larger amounts, our syndicate systems get bigger and bigger too – and so do your chances at a share in the jackpot!

Of course, with syndicates, you share the prize amongst your fellow syndicate members – but the cost of the games is much more affordable, and the number of games you can play is so much larger, greatly increasing your chances at a share in the prize.

Playing Powerball socially with Netlotto’s syndicates can be a fun way to make millions!

For a full list of our lottery syndicates, check out our Netlotto Syndicates page , or play Powerball Syndicates here.

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